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also on request
Become a director and

.) choose the model
depending on availabilty, may take time to accomplish

.) choose the implement
depending on the model

.) choose the position

.) choose the outfit
and we produce the clip "our way", typical SpankingServer (3 to 5 minutes, HD wmv format, minimum standard 1280x720, 3000 kBit/s) together with 10 stills and, if possible, with a personal video message from the model.

The typical SpankingServer clip shows one implement on one body area (for example breasts or bottom or back,....) in one position with approx. 20 strokes. Additional implements and/or body areas, or positions as well as higher number of strokes constitute an additional clip resulting in a higher price.

The price depends on the level of exclusivity and in accordance with special wishes you may have.

iI we are allowed to use the clip on our website and other outlets too we charge Euro 50,-
if you want to hold exclusive rights we charge Euro 400,-.

Within certain limits we will cater to your suggestions and wishes and alter our production style such as length of video, practices, toys etc. In this case please send us an email with your detailed ideas and plans and we will submit an offer.

Please note our limits: no heterosexual intercourse, no public places, dangerous, hazardous practices such as for example branding etc. and ANYTHING our models define as their taboos.

Procedure: select (see above) and email us

2.we contact the model to discuss the details and we answer you with our answer/offer, payment instructions and time horizon/delivery time for download link

3.advance payment

4.upon receiving your money transfer we produce the clip and deliver the download link

Please contact us with the contact form or under

* these models are in general most likely willing to participate in this program and available for production.

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